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Did you know that you DO NOT have to sign the first, second, or even third vendor contract that is presented to you after a major loss? How about the fact that restoration companies purposely take advantage of the fragile emotional state that a homeowner enters right after a loss? Did you know that you DO NOT have to sign with the insurance company’s “preferred vendors” for ANYTHING? You should always get a second opinion! You should be the only one in control of YOUR money. Unfortunately, if you do not hire a public adjuster to help you through the process, you run the risk of losing that control. Let AllCity help you during this uncertain time. We advocate for you when you are faced with these difficult decisions and confusing processes.  The knowledge and expertise of an AllCity public adjuster will guarantee that YOU come out on top. YOU will maintain control of your claim. YOU will receive the maximum settlement for your loss. Remember, don’t sign with a preferred vendor and always get a second opinion!


What is a Preferred Vendor? 

A preferred vendor is a contractor that works with the insurance company. Now, they do not work for the insurance company, but they do work with them. This means their loyalty lies with the insurance company NOT with you. Think of it like this- the insurance company prefers to work with that vendor because they have a relationship with them, NOT because they are the most qualified. Of course, this relationship is mutually beneficial. The preferred vendor saves the insurance company money by cutting corners. As a result, the insurance company keeps a steady flow of business coming in for those vendors. In all of this “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”… who is taking care of the insured? The answer is no one. Neither party has the insured’s best interest in mind. Using a preferred vendor is a conflict of interest and here is why.


Get a Second Opinion!

As mentioned earlier, a preferred vendor has a relationship with the insurance company. That sounds like it would benefit you, the insured. After all, your insurance company has your best interest in mind, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Your insurance company operates as a business and their bottom line is to make money. How does an insurance company make money you ask? Well, they charge premiums on every policy but only pay out minimal settlements for claims. How do they pay out such low settlements? They do this by using the preferred vendors. These contractors often do the bare minimum to mitigate and restore the damage. This means the insurance company doesn’t have to pay the insured any money! They pay the contractor directly allowing them to pay much less than if they paid the insured and the insured used their own contractor to do the restoration. Additionally, these vendors will offer the insurance company a significant discount in order to keep those leads coming in as mentioned before.

Another reason you should reconsider using a preferred vendor is, they cut corners. When they perform their inspection they will do the bare minimum to restore the home. They often omit necessary repairs from their scope in order to provide a lower estimate. Then the insurance company will pay this low amount to the preferred vendor and the insured is none the wiser. In all actuality, their estimate amount very well could have been double or even triple had the inspection been done by an unaffiliated company and the insured would have been able to keep that extra money. Always get a second opinion before you sign with a preferred vendor.


How Can an AllCity Public Adjuster Help? 

When you hire an AllCity public adjuster you’re hiring an advocate that is on your side. A public adjuster’s number one goal is to help you get the maximum settlement for your loss. That means they fight against the insurance company to prove that your loss was worth more money. That money ends up in YOUR pocket. So you can choose whomever you want to do the repairs to your home for whatever price YOU decide is fair. Hiring a public adjuster puts the control back in your hands. Don’t sign with a preferred vendor until you get a second opinion. Unlike the preferred vendors, AllCity Adjusting sees you as more than just a number. We see a homeowner in need of a new start and rebuild. You do not have to do this alone. Let AllCity be there for you through this grueling process. We can offer you the peace of mind that no restoration company can. Our team of highly trained and experienced adjusters will guarantee that YOU receive the maximum settlement for your loss.

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