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First and foremost, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we work with commercial businesses and industries during large fire or water losses. Moreover, we fight against the insurance company on your behalf. Most importantly, we see 200% - 830% increases in our commercial fire loss adjusting.


Secondly, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we have helped home owners with roofing claims, water damage / basement floods, to kitchen fires. Respectfully, we know how difficult it can be to lose your belonging and your home. For this reason, we'll help you fight for every item and get you the maximum claim settlement. Remember, we will get your claim on track and fight for the highest claim valuation.


Furthermore, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we know how devastating natural disasters can be. For this reason, we have teams that work around the nation to assist with natural disaster relief efforts. If you have suffered a loss due to a natural disaster, then call our patient and passionate staff. We are ready to help you.



First and foremost, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we work with commercial businesses and industries during large fire or water losses. Moreover, we fight against the insurance company on your behalf. Most importantly, we see 200% – 830% increases in our commercial fire loss adjusting.


Secondly, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we have helped home owners with roofing claims, water damage / basement floods, to kitchen fires. Respectfully, we know how difficult it can be to lose your belonging and your home. For this reason, we’ll help you fight for every item and get you the maximum claim settlement. Remember, we will get your claim on track and fight for the highest claim valuation.


Furthermore, as an AllCity Public Adjuster we know how devastating natural disasters can be. For this reason, we have teams that work around the nation to assist with natural disaster relief efforts. If you have suffered a loss due to a natural disaster, then call our patient and passionate staff. We are ready to help you.

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The Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

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We handle the property insurance claim process So you don’t have to.

The reality is, a significant number of property insurance claims are not fully compensated. Navigating through claims can be complex, and insurance providers are equipped with the necessary resources and time to steer the process. Without expert assistance, deciphering the reasons behind an insurance company’s denial or underpayment of your claim can be a daunting task. At AllCity Adjusting, we represent your interests, not those of the insurance company. We meticulously handle all the intricate details to ensure you receive the appropriate settlement you truly deserve – it’s simply the right course of action.

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* All numbers represent averages over the past three year

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Our team has a proven track record of success.

Meet Andy Gurczak, the insurance wizard rocking the podcast world! He’s been invited to over a hundred podcasts to share his insurance insights. What’s all the buzz about?

Andy’s dug up some mind-blowing secrets about how insurance companies operate. They follow a playbook called “deny, delay, defend” to win against their opponent, which is you!

That’s right, when you file a claim, they often see you as their adversary. It’s like a game where if they can deny your claim, delay the process, and defend their position, they win, and you lose.

But here’s the thrilling part: Andy’s unlocked the playbook’s secrets, helping folks like you get what you deserve when filing insurance claims. It’s like having a secret weapon to level the playing field against these big, mysterious insurance companies.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of insurance strategies and uncover the mysteries behind your policy? Don’t miss Andy’s latest podcast appearance—it’s an adventure you can’t afford to miss!

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We Provide A Team Of Experts

With An Extensive Service and Support team Your Claim Will Settle fast

AllCity Public Adjuster Assurances

First and foremost, in the event of a property loss you must file a claim with your insurer. If you haven’t done so already, then make sure to file your claim immediately. Also, if you need additional help you can review our ‘How-To’ help articles on residential or commercial property insurance claims. Indeed, if you don’t want the hassle or would like a free consultation Allcity Adjusting is here to support you.

First, you should know that Allcity Public Adjusting is a family-owned claims company. Most importantly, we have 5 decades and 120+ years of combined adjusting experience.  If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to get all your money and get it all quickly.

It’s worth remembering that Insurance companies undervalue your claim 8 out of 10 times on average, remember that.  Indeed, insurance companies want only to pay the legal amount.  Furthermore, insurance companies have experienced teams to support their claims.  Please, let us earn your trust and become apart of your team.

At Allcity Public Adjusting we work to ensure you get 100% of your claim value. So, how do we do this?  The short answer is we know insurance companies and understand where they cut corners.  For this reason, we can help you identify mis-categorizations, maximize your claim value, and get you back to normal fast.  Remember, don’t wait, Allcity Adjusting can get you more.

Why We’re The Best Public Adjusters:

As an Allcity Public Adjuster we won’t charge you a penny until we’ve successfully increased your initial insurance claim.  Moreover, we are one of the only multi-lingual public adjuster companies that will handle the entire claim process from start to finish.  Furthermore, we typically see a 70% to a 150% increase in total claim adjusting. However, we have seen claim increases go as high as 840%. There is so much to do, so let us earn your trust.  We put your interests first. In contrast, the insurance companies put profits first.  If you select us as your advocate, then we will make them pay. Remember, you are not alone as we are standing by to help you.

Thank you for considering Allcity Adjusting.

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Policy Evaluation

Allcity Public Adjusting Has 120+ Years of Combined Experience

Whether your claim has already been filed or you need help filing a new claim, AllCity Adjusting is a licensed public adjusting company with the experience you need.

An Allcity Public Adjuster is your Friend, The Insurance Company is Not

Furthermore, as A Licensed Public Adjuster our team will focus on reading your insurance policy to evaluate it for your max settlement. Frustrating though it may be, it is normal for insurance company adjusters to stop writing your settlement once they have hit your ‘policy limits’. Moreover, the insurance company adjusters frequently misinterpret repair costs, ignore endorsements, and frequently misjudge repair verse replacement costs. In short, our goal is to find their mistakes and omissions and correct them.

We’ll Evaluate For Your Max Settlement

Lastly, an AllCity public adjuster can help you determine your policy limits, analyze your endorsements, and understand the limits for repair value and replacements costs. Moreover, by doing so, we can help you reach a maximum settlement with your insurance company. Remember, your insurance company is not your friend.

Damage Inspection

Allcity Public Adjuster vrs. Insurance Adjuster Objectives: What’s the Difference?

How the Insurance Company Inspects For Damage

After the claim has been filed the insurance company will evaluate the damage. First, the insurer sends an adjuster to your property to inspect the damage. If it’s a smaller and simpler claim, then the insurer might approve the claim with photos or videos of the damage. However, for more complex claims the insurance company will dispatch an insurance adjuster. Keep in mind, the insurance adjusters goal is to minimize the companies loss, maximize their profit, and pay you the amount legally required. Remember, the insurance company is a for-profit business. Moreover, their goal is to make money: not pay out more money than they need to pay. Additionally, they will pay out the minimum amount they are required to pay based on the terms of the insurance contract – nothing more.

How AllCity Public Adjusting Inspects Your Damages

While the goal of your insurance company is to pay you the legal amount, our goal is to max out your claim check. Moreover, in order to achieve this our damage inspectors work tirelessly on-site to photograph and categorize your assets properly. Furthermore, we look to maximize both repair costs and replacement costs. Last but not least, we don’t stop writing when we hit your policy limits. Most importantly, we dig deep. For instance, we look into your endorsements so we can grab extra monies. Remember, don’t throw anything away. This is because a thorough investigation of each item is required. With this in mind and through proper depreciation and item evaluation we prepare your claims final report.

If We Don’t Recover More – You Don’t Pay

Remember, as A Licensed Public Adjuster our fee is based on how much we can recover, we have an incentive to recover 100% of your claim value. Indeed, to achieve this we often times must rewrite the insurance adjusters damage claim altogether. In fact, our investigations have turned up a lot of mistakes; for instance, under estimated repair costs, item price discrepancies, replacement value miscategorizations, and sometimes a blatant disregard to write in any endorsements, or code upgrades. As has been noted above, we won’t stop until we maximize your claim settlement. So Don’t Settle – Get More!

Full Damage Report

Get A Total Proof of Loss

Allcity Adjustings Fast, Compelling, and Compete Reports

After we have completed your damage inspection we will assemble a full report. In fact, our reports are detailed ranging in length between 20 pages for a small loss, to 200+ pages for a large loss. On the other hand, an insurance adjuster will stop writing when they hit your policy limits; however, we photograph and video every room to ensure a complete evidence record. As a result of our detailed and thorough investigation our forensic and engineering staff can represent your claim more accurately. In short, we will be able to more accurately create your proof of loss, code documentation and line item lists to complete your full damage report. Most importantly, once we have filed our full damage report you can expect we won’t stop fighting until we get everything last cent.

AllCity Adjusting Will Guide You Through the Entire Process

Lastly, we will sit down with you and go through every. Again, we know this process is confusing and difficult. Let us earn your trust.

Negotiation is Essential

Allcity Adjusting Provides Strong Negotiation So We Can Maxmize Your Claim Settlement

Why is a Strong Negotiator Important?

First and foremost, one wrong answer can get your claim denied. Indeed, this is why it is so important to have a powerful public adjuster on your side. AllCity Adjusting can stand in the gap. Remember, the insurance company will have their legal team posed and ready – you should too.

To demonstrate the importance of a strong negotiator let us create a character called William. Truly, many people like William call us everyday in similar situations. Namely, William called us to tell us that his claim was denied. Frustrated, he was passionate that his basement “FLOOD” was covered.

Misunderstanding Occur and Jargon Confuses

Furthermore, when the insurance adjuster came out initially the adjuster said the damages were covered. However, only one month later the insurance company had changed their mind. Mrs. William even read to us his insurance policy subsection over the phone that stated he was covered for all “water damage to property.” Frustratingly, he continued to explain how he didn’t understand why the insurance agency denied his claim. Surely what happened was a mistake – right? So – What was it? For one thing, William kept using the word “FLOOD”.

AllCity Understands Insurance Jargon and Policy Nuances?

In fact, did you know “flood damage” is a specialty coverage that is only part of a policy if you live in a flood plane. Moreover, you have to purchase it from FEMA? If you don’t have a FEMA flood policy, then you probably don’t have flood insurance. Chiefly, and most importantly, William had already gotten himself into hot water with the insurance company through something called policy misclassification.

How Did AllCity Public Adjuster Help

After looking closely at the denial letter we were able to move the case back to review status. Notably, we accomplished this by recategorizing the claim from FLOOD DAMAGE to “WATER DAMAGE”. In short, small mistakes can have huge consequences. Moreover, a closer look at the chain of custody of his case revealed that the presiding agent, only 25 years old and new to the agency, didn’t understand the policy miscategorization rule and just took Mr. William at his word. In fact, it was William himself who, accidentally, using the wrong word, created the problem in the first place. Notably, we hear hundreds of claims like this each day; and, for this reason, you need a good faith public adjuster in your corner when dealing with your insurance companies legal team. In short, don’t let them take your words out of context.

Insurance Companies are Not Your Friends

As one listens to these types of stories everyday; it’s easy to see how honest hard working people can be taken advantage of by a highly technical system that rely on your ignorance. Indeed, there is only one solution, ensuring you get a max settlement requires finesse, knowledge, and experience.

How To Settle Faster

An Allcity Public Adjuster Can Help You Settle Your Claim Faster: Here’s How!

Latest Technology

First and foremost, as A Licensed Public Adjuster AllCity only uses the industries leading estimating software. In fact, Xacimate is more than just an estimation tool; additionally, it was designed by the insurance companies for the insurance industry. While it may help insurance companies reduce claim costs, it gives us vital insight into their game plan and allows us to propose strong counterclaim estimates.

Fast Team Deployments

Importantly, in order to settle your claim with speed we deploy our teams faster. Getting in early to ensure rapid inventory loss cataloging, forensic analysis, and engineering is vital to a fast settlement. In short, our teams are vital to that process.

Dedicated Support Staff

Moreover, our dedicated staff can be deployed to assist you in filing your claim and getting a damage report within 2-3 weeks of the start of the claim. Most importantly, this exceeds the response time of our competitors, on average.

400% Greater Deployment Speed Than Our Competitors

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our 400% response time efficiency when compared to our competitors. Whereas the average insurance company adjuster completion a claim estimate every 1-3 months ours time to estimation is a rapid 1-2 weeks.

Don’t Let Delays Hurt Your Pocket Book

Most importantly, ALE additional living expense is the extra money you get when your house is no longer livable. Moreover, since you have a limited exhaustible budget for your ALE you will want to utilize it as efficiently as possible. We can assist you in getting into temporary housing and help you turn around your claim with speed.

24/7/365 Support

Allcity Adjusting Offers Realtime Support

Remember, If you are in one of our service-areas we take pride in serving you. Most importantly, call anytime; we will answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week because we understand that your life was just turned upside down. Furthermore, communication is core to our services. Whether it’s with the insurance company and our on the ground teams, we strive for 100% satisfaction guarantee.

AllCity Public Adjusters’ Techniques Are Tried And Tested And Work.

Remember, insurance companies are not your friend.  In fact, here is what we found when we surveyed 100 of our clients.

Insurance Companies Low-Balled Our clients 8/10 times

When you’re dealing with a damaged home or business, you need someone on your side. That’s where AllCity Public Adjuster steps in. Our research is shocking: 8 out of 10 times, insurance companies offer less money than they should. That’s right – AllCity Public Adjuster found that 80% of the time, your claim could be worth more!

The truth is tough. These companies use tricky rules, or sometimes they just don’t care enough to offer what’s fair. They might even stop counting your damages when they hit a certain number. And AllCity Public Adjuster has seen them ignore extra coverage that could mean more money for you.

Listen up: AllCity Public Adjuster is here to tell you that insurance companies are watching their own backs, not yours. Trust AllCity Public Adjuster to fight for what you deserve. Remember, AllCity Public Adjuster is your champion for a fair claim.

Construction companies were taking 40% of the claim value

First, let’s set the record straight: construction companies might not be your financial ally in rebuilding. However, many homeowners don’t realize this until it’s too late. Moreover, these companies often team up with insurance agencies, who then dictate the reconstruction costs.

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that this partnership could lead to construction companies claiming a staggering 40% or more of your claim value. Indeed, it’s a hefty sum meant for repairs, not their profit. For this reason, it’s vital to approach post-disaster rebuilding with caution.

AllCity Public Adjuster is urging you to be vigilant. We’ve frequently witnessed these inflated charges, and our goal is to prevent them. In short, AllCity Public Adjuster is your safeguard, ensuring that your claim value is invested in your recovery, not consumed by a construction company’s excessive profit.

Customers were not getting the most out of their insurance policies value.

Firstly, it’s crucial to know that insurance companies often undervalue claims. The settlements they propose are designed to cover only the bare minimum – what’s legally required. Moreover, the insurance adjuster visiting your property isn’t working for you; their paycheck comes from the insurance company, and their job is to minimize what the company has to pay out.

Indeed, understanding this dynamic is key to protecting your interests. If you’re aiming to maximize your policy’s potential, bringing in a public adjuster is your best move. In fact, a public adjuster, like those at AllCity Public Adjuster, is dedicated to your benefit, not the insurance company’s bottom line.

Remember, AllCity Public Adjuster’s commitment is to your financial recovery. We don’t earn our fee unless we succeed in recovering more for you. So give AllCity Public Adjuster a call today – let’s ensure you get the full value you’re entitled to from your insurance policy.

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