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Insurance adjusters aim to minimize payouts. At AllCity, our team ensures your claim stays a priority, often securing you a check for up to 100% – 800% more than initial offers. Our promise: Don’t settle for less – get more!


Whether you are in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc, we take pride in serving all our public adjuster service areas. Because we take pride in our work we answer our phones 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is why, we will be your source or through point for all communication with the company and our on-the-ground teams. As a result, you can expect a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a maximum claim settlement.


Remember, in all our public adjuster service areas we treat your items with care. That is why we store restorable items in one location and unsalvageable items in another. Furthermore, we properly categorize these items to help maximize your claim value. Moreover, we try to restore items that are sentimental and personal. In short, we treat your items as if they are our own./p>


In the aftermath of a fire, our expert team conducts a thorough forensic investigation to ensure you receive a fair and maximized claim settlement, not one that favors the insurance company. By evaluating each item’s value and depreciation accurately, we prevent undervaluing, helping you secure the maximum payout. Our excellence in forensic analysis is essential for optimizing your claim. Choose us for unparalleled expertise.


First and foremost, our engineers help us draw up structural plans to rebuild. Also, they work with our estimators and forensic accountants to maximize claim values. Third, our engineers draw up architectural plans and engineering documentation to get work approved more quickly. They are the reconstruction support staff that keep our public adjusters at AllCity on track, on time, and on budget.


First, we have to attack understanding your policy. Secondly, our legal team focuses on outlining the maximum benefit we can achieve through your policy read-through. And lastly, they coordinate communication between your insurance company and our project team leaders.


During your relocation, we’ll expedite your move to temporary quarters. Our estimators swiftly compile a detailed inventory of your property. This data is then distributed to our team to accelerate the public adjusting process. We ensure thorough documentation of each room with photos and video, moving systematically from left to right.


First and foremost, when it comes to your claim you need the best Orlando Public Adjuster. In addition to being the best, we care for PEOPLE first and PROPERTIES second. Regardless of what Orlando public adjuster service area you are from will find you a new location from which to work or live while we work on your claim and rebuild your home, business, or rental. At AllCity – We Focus On You!
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Maximizing Your Insurance Claim: The Benefit of Hiring a Public Adjuster

Remember, Don’t Settle – Get More

Comprehensive Home Inspections: How a Public Adjuster Can Help

As Orlando Public Adjusters, we assist all property owners with their insurance claims, from fire and water damage to less common issues like vandalism or earthquake damage. No matter the catastrophe, we understand the risks of business interruptions and losses, and we’re here to help. Call us for support with any damage claims.

Orlando Public Adjusters: Expertise in Handling Damage Claims

1. Insurance Companies Make the Process Difficult and Lengthy?

Often, navigating the claims process for property claims can become a cumbersome task for policyholders, especially when dealing with intricate details of an insurance policy and specific issues like water damage. This is where the role of public adjusters becomes crucial. As the best public adjuster professionals, they possess the expertise to streamline the claims process, ensuring that policyholders are not left to fend for themselves against practices that may delay or complicate their claims. Their intervention can make a significant difference in how efficiently and fairly property claims are handled, providing invaluable support to those affected.

2. Insurance Companies Have a Team That Works FOR them!

Navigating insurance claims without a public adjuster means facing the process alone, with the insurer’s adjuster aiming to minimize payouts to protect their financial interests. Our services support those with low offers, highlighting the conflict of interest inherent when your agent is paid by the insurer, often leading to underpaid or denied claims. Independent representation is key to ensuring fair treatment and maximizing settlements.

Central Florida Public Adjusters: Your Advocates in Insurance Claims

1. We Solve The Problem of Seriously Undervalued Insurance Claims

Central Florida Public Adjusters excel in addressing the challenge of significantly undervalued insurance claims. It’s common for property damage claims, including those caused by flood damage, to be appraised lower than their true value—sometimes by as much as 50% to 500%. This discrepancy can be attributed to insurance companies’ disconnect with current construction costs, inappropriate application of estimating codes, or simply underestimating the extent of losses. Such practices may arise from adjusters’ inexperience, oversight, or even as part of a calculated strategy to reduce payouts, often leaving policyholders to face the consequences. As a leading public adjuster company, AllCity Adjusting leverages its collective knowledge as public claims adjusters to navigate the insurance claims process efficiently. Our goal is to ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses, lifting the burden off your shoulders and making the recovery process as smooth as possible.

2. Use Our 50+ Years of Experience to Get 100% – 500% More Out Of Your Insurance Claim  

In Orlando FL, navigating the insurance claim and damage claims process can be complex and daunting for those experiencing property damage. Often, insurance companies aim to expedite settlements, which might not always align with the property owner’s needs, especially when emergency repairs are urgently needed. Understanding the intricacies of filing and following through with a claim is essential to ensure that all aspects of the property damage are comprehensively addressed and adequately compensated. This process requires careful documentation, negotiation, and sometimes persistence to achieve a fair resolution that covers all necessary repairs and losses.

Orlando FL Damage Claims: How Our Public Adjusters Can Help

As has been noted, most of our customers see a claims check increase of between 100% – 500%. As a licensed and bonded Orlando Public Adjuster we have helped hundreds of families and businesses in Orlando get bigger claim settlements. More importantly, if you think your claim is undervalued, you should call us immediately 844-MY-ADJUSTER. Remember, our consultations are free so you have nothing to lose. For this reason, we believe in supporting small businesses and families. Don’t forget, that Andy will personally take your call and help you today. Work with a company whose experience and knowledge are matched by results.

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Insurance Adjuster Challenges: Overcoming Them with Orlando Public Adjuster

Handling property claims in Orlando FL, without a public adjuster can leave you navigating the complex insurance policy process alone, often facing an insurer’s adjuster whose main goal is to minimize payouts to safeguard the company’s financial interests. Our expertise comes into play especially during a property claim review, offering critical support to those who have received insufficient offers. This situation often uncovers a conflict of interest, as your agent’s compensation comes directly from the insurance company, leading to claims that are frequently underpaid or outright denied. Our role in providing independent representation is crucial, not only for facilitating emergency repairs but also for ensuring equitable treatment and maximizing settlements for property owners.

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