Water Damage

Flooded House On River Bank

Water damage is notoriously difficult to spot. Even after an accident, water damage may still be lurking within the walls, ceiling, and flooring of your house, slowly eating at the value of your home. Worse, a mold infestation could cost thousands of dollars to get rid of, and in the mean time you’re unknowingly breathing in toxic spores.

It’s likely your insurance company has assessed the damage and handed you a claim. But depending on the extent of the damage, they may not have bothered to look at all the possible locations where water damage could have occurred in your home. Even isolated water damage—when left unattended—can eat at the insides of your home, and may eventually lead to mold or even a partial collapse.

And all because your insurance company feels that the damage isn’t severe enough to warrant the repairs.

AllCity Adjusting Co. will keep your insurance agent from walking all over you after a water-damage event. We personally assess the damage and compare our findings to those of your insurance agent. We then go straight to your insurance agent as your personal advocates to ensure you receive the full cost of the damage, which may be thousands or even tens of thousands more than the initial claim you received.

We’ll take up your case like it’s our own and get you the money you need to make the repairs you have to make. That’s a promise.

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