7 Things You Need to Know When Filing a Personal Property Claim with Your Insurance Company

When, I first arrived in Coal City, IL in 2015, it was about 4 days after a devastating tornado touched ground and damaged many homes. The first thing I noticed when I got closer to the worst hit areas was the amount of debris and destruction. I was stunned with the amount of damage just one single tornado could create. There was so much damage throughout the neighborhood that the only way to get access was by foot. My clients 2nd floor was blown off by the tornado and it was not safe to secure the second floor with a tarp. This was only my client, but half of the homes in Coal City had similar and even worse damage.


Myself and my team took a stroll around the neighborhood and observed something disturbing. Majority of the homes had their personal property piled up on their front lawn. I spoke with many of the homeowners and they all said the same thing, “The insurance company said to start cleaning up.” I couldn’t help but think to myself….WHAT???!!!! No one took the time to inventory any personal property or even take one picture. They just let their insurance company pay them a flat rate and call it a day. THAT’S CRAZZZZY.


After, explaining to my clients the process about repealing their insurance claim, we advised that they don’t throw anything out or touch any personal property before we can get our team to look at it.


After the rain stopped completely and we were able to get a generator and other equipment situated at our clients home, our team jumped and started inventorying every piece of personal property. It took my team 5 full days to inventory all the personal property in the home. We were able to settle their personal property for policy LIMITS J.


My advice and lesson to anyone reading this that has suffered any damage to their personal property is:


  1. Lock up your home, business, rental, etc. (Don’t let anyone in that you don’t know)
  2. Video record the entire property from room to room
  3. Take as many pictures as you can
  5. Make an inventory sheet. Here is a good one that is free: http://www.uphelp.org/sites/default/files/u4/UP%20Home%20Inventory-v2%203.29.12.xls
  6. When inventorying personal property, you will want to start in one room, work your way from left side to right side, or vice versa.
  7. The way you inventory personal either if its left side to right is the same way you want to take your pictures. This will help when you are putting all your items together on your inventory sheet.


Lastly, and most important, if it gets too overwhelming, don’t give up! Call AllCity Adjusting and we will make sure each hair pin is accounted for!



Remember every item adds up. Whether its kitchen ware, paintings, bathroom essentials, anything can lead to a max settlement recovery.

Coal City Tornado 2015