Storm Damage

Roof Damage

Exposure to the extreme elements of nature can be so severe that every item you possess will require a replacement. Even if your home is left standing, you may not be entirely aware of the true damage until later on, especially in the case of water damage, which can jeopardize your home’s infrastructure and leave mold in places you cannot see.

At AllCity Adjusting, we understand that the most severe damage is psychological—specifically for the family involved that just lost their home. In most cases a family cannot act fast enough to save their items, which every day may be exposed to the elements. All the while your insurance agent is hounding you to file or accept their claim (time limits, they say), as if you’re in any state to be assessing their offer.

Don’t allow your insurance company to take advantage of you in this way. AllCity Adjusting is a public adjusting company that works for you, the homeowner, and nobody else. We’ll immediately assess the damage to your home and then begin negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf. In the end you’ll receive the claim that you deserve, rather than the claim your insurance company thinks they can get away with.

Let AllCity Adjusting Co. fight for your claim. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you win the claim that you deserve.

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