Public Adjuster

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A public adjusting company is a state-licensed business that assists the homeowner with the claims process in the event that severe damage—whether it’s from fire, water, or a natural disaster—is caused to the home. In many cases, a public adjuster can negotiate a far better claim than the initial one provided by the insurance company.

AllCity Adjusting Co. has over 50+ years of combined experience advocating for homeowners against big insurance companies. Our entire system revolves around taking as much off the homeowner’s plate as possible, which allows the family time to heal after the initial tragedy of a severely damaged or destroyed home.

Insurance agents, of course, want to settle a claim as quickly as possible. But this isn’t always in your best interest. A Public adjuster will take the time to thoroughly review your lost and damaged possessions, including both household items and the home itself. Damage that may have been overlooked and therefore not underwritten by the insurance agent will be found by an experienced public adjustment company.

If you’ve recently experienced damage to your home from fire, water, or a natural disaster, then AllCity Adjusting is here to help settle your claim that is beneficial for you, not your insurance company. Contact one of our experts today, and we’ll get started negotiating the claim that you deserve.