Fire Damage

House Fire Tight

The impact of fire damage extends far beyond the fire itself. Smoke and ash can also wreak havoc on anything that isn’t partially seared or destroyed in the flames. Unfortunately, an insurance company may very well overlook this kind of damage, leaving you with a household worth of furniture you can’t use.

AllCity Adjusting Co. picks up your case from the minute you call us. A free consultation will give us the necessary information we need to get started. We’ll visit your damaged home, assessing every item not just for flame damage, but damage from water, mold, ash and smoke as well—all things that your insurance company may never have considered when they made their brief sweep through your home.

It’s amazing what an insurance company will “ignore” to make sure they come out on top. Regardless of whether your home shows damage or not, it is critical that you receive a second opinion from a 3rd party insurance adjuster.

Remember: it’s in an insurance company’s best interest to lowball your claim. What you don’t realize when you agree to that first number is the amount you may have to pay later on—when the real extent of the damage begins to make itself known.

Don’t wait a minute longer for a second opinion. Contact AllCity Adjusting today and we’ll fight for the claim that you deserve.

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